I’m a decade behind in mental documents, the kind that breeches all codes of present so vehemently it’s often mistaken as the actual.

The moments we don’t remember, but that are so deep in our corners and layered with patchwork and quick but organized fixes, we do not realize they exist.

But they do and we take them into everything that we do.

And until we let them surface- or recognize when they do- and feel them out and make the decision to let them go,
they will be our baggage.

6 comments on “Baggage

  1. Let it all go, we can’t change our past but we can let us not affect us anymore šŸ˜‰

  2. I think baggage is important. We’ve all got a warehouse full of it. Embrace what you have learned from it. Just don’t try to carry the warehouse on your back. That’s what weighs us down.
    It’s like a data base of experience to call upon, not unload on people in hopes of them taking it off your hands. It all gets shipped back to your warehouse. So organize and catalogue your past. Don’t run from it.
    This isn’t directed at you Lively. Merely my expression after first glance.

  3. What the?!?

    I got 15 emails that you liked my post and now it’s gone? Lol. Weird.

  4. Mr. Mel says:

    Very well written post. It’s the baggage that we carry that keeps us from being able to grasp many joys that come our way.

    • Lively Life says:

      Agree. We close ourselves off without even knowing it. We’re not conscious of all that we carry within us. Thank you for your comments and likes Mr.Mel!

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