Return Warmth

If we discontinued our lashing out at people and slow motioned our time with our reactions, I think we’d find a lot less irritable of a person inside of us.
I get that reactions are initial. They’re quite beautiful in that respect. Your response is beautiful in just the opposite way. You DO have time.

It’s like feeding the heart celery. As you make the decisions to respond after letting yourself think, you gain the creation of a possible habit and lose 6 pounds of ego centered mud.

Half the time do we even want to respond wearing a coat of anger?
Likely not.
Shedding that will take time and practice but we’ll feel a lot lighter and have less resistance towards people around us.


Besides, after a situation in reacting poorly, how many times does it return to a safe, comfortable place again?

So just skip the part where you insult others and just be collected and calm to begin with. That will generate enough good loving warmth that makes wearing the damn coat severely impractical.





3 comments on “Return Warmth

  1. Diana says:

    Yes, I like what you are saying. I’m a gentle person most of the time – yet there is the Jekyll/Hyde streak at the steering wheel that isn’t uncommon on our congested roads. I am learning to breathe deep and shall try to “slow motion” my time as you say. You are on to something there.
    The reference to celery is fabulous – I’m going through an organic celery phase myself 🙂

  2. What you have to do is try to remain positive about others and not look on the black side. 😉

    • Lively Life says:

      Yes yes! Hmm.. I think sometimes my writing comes from a place that has some darkness to it; yet I tweak it so that it turns out decently more brighter and positive.
      ‘Cause maybe sometimes I’m the problem in these scenerios, not stopping myself from looking at others and seeing their actions as negative. But really, I’m being the negative!
      Well this will help me to keep on the non dark side haha.

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