To Find Your Lines

It’s really cool to find your line.

It’s really cool to figure out the lines you want thin, and the lines that you want wide.

Sometimes I purposefully put myself in situations that I don’t feel comfortable in. I connect inside and I become very conscious of what I feel. Uneasiness or discomfort will launch themselves in and they either land on a thin line or a thick.

The wider the line the more concrete I feel about leaving. I can feel it’s edges push up against my heart, pleading with me to get out.
The thin is easier to continue involvement.
In both cases there is unpleasant.
In both cases, I do my best to stay in.
Sometimes the thick line thins a bit.
Sometimes it doesn’t.

With the understanding that I did try to become available to the situation, I am able to leave satisfied a boundary has been created out of love for my self.




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