Oh Fack

When the world shifts just from your eyesight

your hazy, disoriented, half drunk eyesight.

When the dessert you make, plumes wonders
and the shower you have, takes days.
When you drive through the great mountains of Canada,
quite literally a tunnel through,
When you
When all these occurances are alive,
it is living.
and you can be best at it, because you are.


Easy and Difficult

How easy it is to talk about what is needed in a relationship.
How easy it is to think about all the ways you will be in one. How great and connective and communicative you will be.
You know how good you would be.
Understanding, slow to respond, listen attentively. So many qualities you have for a relationship!

And then you get in one.

And you are not at all what you want to be.
You recognize the selfish parts of you. You’re far too distant and lacking.
How is this so?

How difficult it is to be consistent with a behaviour that is not yet a habit.
How difficult to make it natural, to push yourself to be comfortable with discomfort.
How uneasy to have those conversations that are needed.

How easy to think, how difficult to act.



Every moment is based on who we are because who we are is based on the moments we have hads, are having and will have.

Basement Drelling

we all gloom in and out of whispers on the wind.
and we take steps that get us places.

and i lay on a hard bed that steps me to wondermind.
in all the right places, and in the wrong its cramped up into style.
i’m on the map of surviving.
i slept still last night, after i moved out of my balled position,
don’t know why i made myself so small
but i found my space on the surface and spread out real sound
half way through the night.

and the mountains still stumble their static shapes

well flow

and flow.

I’m so far out, I’m in.


Believe Me

I sat in the drapes
draped over my shoulders and covering my hair,

I sunk myself in again.

I just want to love someone
that believes in it.

What if that was just myself?



A rising like the sunshine
in your eyes today
there comes the undeniable warmth,
in your always delicate way.

Climbing like the willows breath,
your hands following the seed.
To run through grassy hillside,
joy forever on that breeze.

Rumble Magic

Well I would if I bloomed pretty magic,
How many trees does it take to make a forest?
Why do we draw sunglasses on the sun?
Don’t disrespect your unconscious mind because it’s already been decided.
Also,we know the sense is already there, we don’t have to make it. We just have to pick it up and use it. It’s pretty common that way.
And also times two;  being airborne doesn’t mean you were born on a plane.

I’m in foreign territory even though I am not considered a foreigner. It is more easy to be in the wrong when you’re the only one white.

At least that’s what I bloomed a magic on.