Basement Drelling

we all gloom in and out of whispers on the wind.
and we take steps that get us places.

and i lay on a hard bed that steps me to wondermind.
in all the right places, and in the wrong its cramped up into style.
i’m on the map of surviving.
i slept still last night, after i moved out of my balled position,
don’t know why i made myself so small
but i found my space on the surface and spread out real sound
half way through the night.

and the mountains still stumble their static shapes

well flow

and flow.

I’m so far out, I’m in.


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5 comments on “Basement Drelling

  1. Vivek says:

    Hey, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Please find the link here…
    and follow the rules!
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Lively Life says:

    Been nominated by Vivek for Liebster Award!
    Questions asked:
    Why do you write?
    What is your plan post Lockdown?
    Describe yourself in one line.
    Are you an introvert? Why?
    How do you deal with your depression?
    My Post that you like the most.

    I write because it helps sort things out in my brain sometimes. I can grasp a better understanding of situations. I also write because I like putting words together that sound fun and different, and spin a web of sensible confusion.

    Plan after lockdown is to start up working again and have beers over nachos in a restaurant.

    I like deep conversations and forever will be trying to grow and learn more; even when i feel stuck at doing so.

    I am not an introvert. I like being around people and exploring ideas and practising being open with myself, even in discomfort.

    I don’t have depression, I just drink when I’m down.

    “How can that just be”, would be one of my favourites because I relate with the conflictive state she seems to be in.

    Thanks for the nomination! I don’t know if I did this right, haha.


    What was the reason for starting your blog?
    How have you felt about it so far?

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