My coffee had a belly.
It went under the second I swished it around it’s mug.
Or is it my mug?
It has more ownership being inside of it afterall.
That is not to say being inside a woman, you own her.
So maybe safe to say, it is the mug I am sipping out of and the coffee I have made to go in it, is just that.
It is it’s own identity and the mug and I,

You Are

You’re the jolly to my rancher,
the pumpkin to my pie.
My star to my burst
oh me oh my.

You’re the sweet to my sugar,
my cotton to my candy.
You’re the po to my tential,
the ice in my brandy.

You’re the sizzle to my bacon,
the four corners in my sphere.
You’re the leaves to my tree,
the reflection in the mirror.

You’re the summer to my step,
you’re the answer to my why.
You’re the smile in my spark,
You’re my only kind of guy.


Greener Grass

We have heard it before. We know it exists. Happiness is yourself. No one can provide it for you. The grass is never greener on the other side of the hill. The other side needs to be you. That’s where it is. If you can’t find the green of yours, you will always be looking for it elsewhere. And happiness only gets further away, the further you go to find the green.

You are the green.
You create the green.
You water you.
You take care of what you have so it enables you to be better. You walk on your own grass everyday. Why not make it fluffy?


Change can look like fear. It can look like opportunity. It can taste like wild and it can feel like calm. The components of change are that of which is in a 36 ingredient recipe. With the options to add 12 others. Salt and pepper to taste.
Change. It is a lot. It is big. And sometimes it hurts to eat it all. But you do it anyways because change takes you new places and new places always promotes learning and learning is a pretty swell thing  to learn.