Upbeet Livage

No wonder the weekend can get brushed onto the palate of the weekdays. My mind transferring data from one region of my brain to the other, dabbling in new ideas and connecting the dots to make the lamb. Or the rocket.
There is no mountain I’ve climbed and got on top of, yet I am in the elevation zone near the clouds and breathing is easier up here, despite the levels.
I am my own creation and the freedom that I cloak myself in, and walk with is doused in those precious flames.




I think you’re adoorable in the outdoors, even when you turn the doorknob to come indoors. Your endoorance is somehow part of the doork in you and I adoor the way you remember how I looked standing in front of that Egyptian door; the one we had our first conversation by. We had already endoorsed one another then, and we didn’t even know it.

Our Potential

How many of us are living under our full capacity?
To be operating on medium rare at best. Our cylinders are caked with crud, our creativity pails filled with hardened paint.Who brings you down? What is?
Are we with people that lack the appreciation you desire? That don’t meet you where your 100% begins?
And we know it. I think really deep down we know that the siphoning is happening and our potential is 9 miles out

Aside from all that, and besides the upsides to offsides, I haven’t been drunk in 12 days.

Spread your wings and grow with it.
In growing, you’ll find access to the confidence, the tools, and all the necessary components to changing your status from half living you, to full.

Son and the Sun

Waking up before son, but not before sun- she can’t wake if she’s never slept.
It’s nice for the land and animals to catch what she touches before I do.
I go to welcome her a few times a year. I think I want it to be more; she always tells me she appreciates it when I appreciate her.

Just to hear the train whistle and the morning birds caw their way through a gossiping cluster, I sit awake in the middle of the week.
I need to get still so I can be better.
I need to breath deeper so I can locate patience.
I need to enter my conscious before I access my vocals.

People like fire for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, they even like it for passion and direction. For motivation and drive.
Not for the flare in the eyes or the tone of the sound. Not when flames mean the lash and the scold. You end up burning your own feet.

So sun, I know you’re hot but can you help me cool my insides.
So son, I know you’re seven, but can you help me be five.

There were no fires there. There were no fires then.








Choosing Choices

I’m gonna buy a little point and shoot. A little camera shot, instead of tequila.
I’m gonna buy a little knowledge. I am on a ledge and I know it.

I’m gonna burn my tongue on fireworks, just to make the fire work.
Gonna warm my hands like my heart hasn’t ever been cold.

This is a blast into a wallless arena.

And I make the walls and the choices and I abide by them and the hallways that are created.
Sometimes, there are windows though. And they’re big enough for me to fit through.

I’m gonna crawl through one like I’m a baby again.

The sun feels better outside.
And I’ve been inside for too long.







Mother Talk

And your Mother shows up in all new fashion and her eyes still the same and her smile still the same and the rings you wear she makes the smirk on her face because she knows her daughter and that rings and bracelets have been something of my individual self, the expression a part of what makes me me. I am okay. And she is too. As we embrace. We smell the same. We lived together for so long and I pulled her hair when I was a toddler and didn’t mean to and didn’t know what intended pain really was. She is the super hero for this life of mine, even when sometimes I don’t remember or think it or feel it.  Until she is not here, she will always be there for me. And then she will be there for me some more.

Capable Choices

Our living capabilities get spread across the globe of our living.
We all do it. Live.
And we are all on it. Earth.

Different types of choices everyday. Some we are not conscious of. Some takes hours or days to decide. I wonder where the reasons come from sometimes. Sometimes there are many different ones of those too.

If we have many different choices and many different reasons does that mean our character is wider, broader, more open minded ?
And if we have less choices and reasons, we are more select, and condensed and specific?

Hum ho!