will always remember you.

When you entered my life,
I would never not know you existed.
And now more then ever,
I don’t ever want to know what that feels like.

And I think about you
more often then what I think you think I do.

You’re a precious soul.
And I feel proud of myself
that I had someone like you in my life.

You are the coral people dive for.
You are the gold people mine for.

You are
one of my lifes highlights.
And my feeling is,
you will always be.
I carry you in my heart wherever I go.
Sorry if you get voodoo spins or bad visuals.
You’re the light
to my demise.
And I don’t know if
you’ll ever know that.

Wisdom Chews

My hair smells like bacon
and my ice has turned to water.
I’m fishing in my mind for a bite,
but all I can feel is that the sun is getting hotter.

And get this,
it is night.

My pants are all getting tighter on me,
wish my grip on life was.

I’ll get out of this.

And I will not run with it,
I will walk it into it’s place.

I will run with freedom.
And I will carry nothing but
my own weight.

There are comedians,
are there life analysts that joke about the mundane and the reality of life?

are those two the same things?

I’ll be fine.
I know I am.
Sometimes I create the tornado so that I can spin out of it
clear headed.
As if all the cobwebs and gunk,
spun in control
to my own spin.

And then I ballarina away
on my tippy toes.

I’m closer to the sky that way
don’tchuu know?

What is Growing Up?

I stopped the car at a green light.
I caught in my arms, the soccer ball in a game.
I didn’t have a joint on the highway.
I was up for a download.
I dreamed while I was awake.
I dreamed that I was awake.
I stood up while the leaves fell.
I let my mind bury itself alive.
I put ice in a heated frying pan.
I turned the oven on and left it empty.
I felt dead when I was alive.
I am alive and I am living dead.
I am living proof.

What Would It Now

There was a time we were on the front porch
in the 2000’s of the year.
There were no stars that night,
they hid from us I’m sure.
Out of sight, they did, they were, they were
because I think
they were afraid of being around so much love.
And what we found, I’m sure
was that we were never lost
and we talked about all these things and even
the cost
of what it would be like
to be together , together…


You start at the beginning even if it doesn’t feel like it. At the end, it will be apparent that that’s what it is.
How many times do we begin in our lives? How many insecurities do we have in our pockets? How many questions do we have to ask to get the answers? Why do we need to know any of this?!


Can taste buds become deaf to their own perspective? Can eyes have no taste in fashion?

What makes our indoor senses tingle but our fingers go numb in the same room?

What makes ears hear sounds they see and smell bring directly to you, memories?

How do I feel this on what is happening and you feel it on what the future has?

Where does our individuality stop? If it’s blended into certain human qualities?
Or because we are similar to these parts of our best friend?

And is it actually that we lose individuality or just connect and find it strengthens those aspects? Do we become confident on the pieces that are alike with others or do we prefer not to be the same at all , in any way?

A little bit of both may be the consensus, but I’m just someone asking all these wondermints.


You’ll wear yourself out being someone you’re not for somebody else. You will collapse. You will not last with anyone if you are not downright upright you.

Fear gets in the way and in the end, fear of stepping forward like you are, will have you stepping out.

You have to be yourself if you want a relationship to last. That’s why none of mine have. Well, the last two anyways.

The first few, I was too unknowingly smart to be someone else.

I Used To Think

I used to think and now I just don’t.
I used to come up with a lot of cool ideas, bring dead flies back to life with my imagination and talk to fish in my sleep.
Now I just don’t.
I used to think stars were the eggs of the future and they would hatch when they would fall from their incubator space and make humans when they landed on baseball fields.

The one thing I could think of to think of now, is the difference in the last post and this one. The title is the same. But the content is different. How easy not to think what we are thinking about what we are reading.

How easy to form an idea on the title of a post. And be completely wrong. Only because we thought it.

I used to think, but sometimes it’s easier if I don’t.