You Tea

You’re beauty brings me spoonfuls of sugar
while I sit in suns rays on abstract chair.
this thought bursts into my soul,
I never couldn’t care.

Your excellence steeps me milk of tears
on a Saturday in aisle two
of pyjamas and silk nightgowns,
the striped ones of shining blue.

I just want to bury my face
my cheekbones of red and wet,
into fabric of oasis
where your sweet is soundly kept.

But here I am, on abstract chair,
with steaming cup of tea
now ready to be had,
like I wish for you and me.

I Pet my Food

I buy mushrooms and onions just to saute them and eat them for dinner.
And the dish is to divine for.
For dessert, my heart crunches into Mr.Big.Sometimes the idea of thinking about a treat like that, gives me a surge of love for the whole word. Chocolate can do that to yuh, I suppose. Or maybe it’s just the healthy relationship with the empty calories.

Internal Peace

I used to surrender to the power of the love for other people, instead of loving myself.
My relationships not lasting because I had no internal peace. Nobody was ever going to be enough in my eyes because I consistently and constantly required more then what any human could give. Internal peace. I am not good for anyone if i am not good for self . If I am my own toxic habit, I will only spill that on the jeans of my partner and no matter how many times you wash, that stain doesn’t come out.