King Globe

Candy coated sugar kings,
we tell ourselves our own jokes
by looking in the mirror.

Would I rather be tin man
and rust,
instead of feeling these highs and lows?

Maybe I just sit on my gold chair
alittle longer each time,
waiting out the anticipation
of falling into mud again.

Is happiness more for the good people?

5 comments on “King Globe

  1. I’m definitely feeling a struggle of life, sadness, and happiness at the same time. A question in the end is complex for us all. As happiness is a struggle but a comfort to make us feel whole. If that makes sense. 🙂

    • Lively Life says:

      I apologize- almost left this unreplied to Charlie! What feels life provides. They can be altogether, and all far opposites as it seems. Is that why so many of us enjoy the conflicts? And lay in them longer then we should? For after awhile, I think the purpose in the struggle goes too far to be of help to the individual.

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