My brain feels like it’s a carton full of rotten cucumbers. the kind of off soup that makes you sick.

how come you can’t follow your own doctor self ?
you have prescribed yourself the podcast, the meditations, the mentors , the friendships …. and on and on…

yet you can’t log in to the stabilized.

you can’t switch over.
when you try. You can think you really got it.
but one trip over a sidewalk crack- oh wait that’s not true for me- I laugh when I fall physically. But

this is mentally ..

you think you got yur method of exercise and health going

and then you eat a brownie.
Then you have a smartie.

where is the maintenance????
where is the frozen ice brain that slowly melts.

isn’t all ice frozen ?


I’m in a ruin tonight.

and it’s not ancient enough to be pretty.

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