Working with Feelings

You cant keep blocking or ignoring the feelings. They can swim. You cant drown them with alcoholic ice or drugs. Numbing them doesn’t make them flee forever. You will always come back to them in some way or another if you don’t properly work through them, with them. Your freedom-to live happier, is worth it.



What a full day.

Work wasn’t. only three hours.

but how built i made myself be,
for the start of school and a motivator for new interactive space with son.

engaged. full on.

what a fufulling day.


The way being can trap your lungs in a grin,
and it can wrangle you with greasy salvation.

This wasn’t supposed to be this way
but It’s exactly the sense i imagined.

It makes me proud that we can go home
to four walls and a dim and a quiet
and i am one of you
because of that.

How many feelings and thoughts do we fight?
Instead of just letting them rest there weary heads on our chest plate
so we can pick up our forks
when we are hungry to know.

We forget to have medicine patience.
the time it takes for
our physical to digest the new.

Does food have names so that our body can prep for it?
Do we need to get better at naming feelings so that salt makes more sense to our saliva?

I will survive to wonder.