Simmering Chaos

Warm swirling energetic chaos simmering inside- like a turtle about to start a race.
You know you’re about to do great things.

The mind is so powerful. Can make or break your moment, your hour, your day.
It’s difficult for those that struggle with taking control. To readjust your head, be authoritative and administer the care and direction.
It is very worth it. And will continue to need tuning, and realignment. Sometimes you will react poorly to a comment and forget that you have the ability to regulate.

And sometimes these nice sugar dust brain waves, pair perfectly with that simmering chaos and you will know how beautiful it all is.


The slender drool that carries love boats in the slow, meanderic but gravity provoked current. To reach the lake of soft relaxation on a European 800 fill power white goose down pillow. And the sails go up and the breath travels the heart sparkles around and warms so whole heartedly that the consideration of cozying up on the shores of this beautiful contentment, is just as rational as deepening the lake.


The tender heart, do you let it air out in the open
or slather and drip or attack it with
Polysporin or Vasoline or time.

Physiotherapy to get the mechanisms working properly.
And that’s time and effort baby.

Heart, ‘cause you gotta learn to walk before you can sip on a rum and coke that you know you could down in less then 30 seconds
and when you can’t see anyone watching you add that mix from your purse to the glass just to the amount where it was before you swallowed it all in one.
You got too good you were dangerous.

Shuffle around in your oversized pyjama pants and make something that invigorates your mornings.
– and not a bottle and ice.
You’ll do wonders with time.


I’m too afraid to go to outerspace
because what if i get sick and throw up on my new hairstyle. Or in getting stuck floating through the wonders. Would it be a peaceful way to go, or is suffocating, still suffocating.

The stars sit so comfortably in its’ galaxy hold.
The relationships between it all up there, be so delicate and firm.
The sky is never the limit.
and maybe the galactic beauty that melts my heart bones and leaves a thick layer of motivation, is always ever the drive to do and be better.