Which Way?

Sometimes the idea that there are 18 different avenues you could start walking down, makes you stand still. Overwhelmed frozen footsteps. Specially if you’re not comfortable with where you are at in life. You took those roads in the past and if you find the street you’re on presently, is too dim lit and stinks like garbage and cat pee, you’re not going to want to trust yourself in forward movement. Whether its this way or that way.

Lovey Ow

Life is so large.

And sometimes its overwhelming to live it.

it hurts. its uncomfortable. its incredible. Its beautiful. its raw. its real. it makes us throw up.

and we only ever have ourselves to blame.


The Christmas spirit sure drives moving anchors. Im grounded but I am growing. Time will fall out of its cabin, like I will crawl from my cocoon. i am not waiting for anything to click, i am just choosing celery over poptarts on a regular basis. i must instill patience. Even popcorn takes two minutes to become its edible cloud puff.
Internal electric does its course and i can be the source of forward moment. I just have to be best friends with Time .