Admit the Affect

Im starting to admit how much the last two years has impacted me. i believe i was denying it because i wanted to have risen above it, shrug it off like i was impervious to it.

i think the greater power lies in being honest with oneself.

either the way, the affects will take place and when that is more so accepted and understood, the better starting point you have with dealing with it .

Sick Differences

When you are isolating and your dad asks if you need anything and you send him a list and he gets you everything exactly on it.

Your mom asks what you need and you send her your list and she gets everything exactly on itβ€” plus heart cubed iced trays, apple juice in an apple shaped carton, extra pillow cases, picture frame with a picture of socks inside it and a new outfit for our cat. and more.

My parents love me.

just the very same. 😌


Wird press this
I appreciate you wanting to get to know how it goes –
that carnival in my brain.
But you can only eat so much cotton candy in one day.
You’ll read this again,
and you’ll be frustrated again
I’m like a train that has the caboose on the other end of yours.

Keep running after your sandwich,
you won’t get enough of the cheese
until you do.

And then you’ll be sick
for quite awhile.

It’s okay dear,
only the strong mess around with my carnival.