Resume for the Life Job

100% Lively Lane
Livavillity, World


Objective: To create a happy and carefree ( but not too carefree ) way of life. To maintain a positivity that I bring with me, full time.

I’m a qualified human being- I was born into this world and I have a beating heart.
I’ve excelled in many areas of life, I’ve strugged here and there but I push all the way through it, until I am out of it. And then I’ve gained something. I am always gaining something.

I drive a 1988 Tenacious Endurance NonBored NonEscape.

I have went to the school of Experience.
And I have a degree in it.

Being Better




I’m here, applying myself to life.
And I’ll do it over and over again.
Even without the paperwork.


Let’s Follow Ourself

It’s nice to come home to my little fairy world of you guys. It really is.
And that’s the problem.

You start liking the ability to relay all to the online world. To have people continue reading and still liking and still following your reality stories, when the actual people in your reality don’t know what you think living a livable life means or your exercise patterns or that your parents are mid divorce

We have to watch out. Plain and simple.
We get so comfortable in this place. It’s loose, it’s freeing. No wonder we do.
But the more we indulge here, the further from active, productive lives we get.

Sure as heck we can write about how to make life fantastic, but if we’re checking back in every 3 hours to see how many likes we have on that post or any more follows, we’re not really following ourselves on our words. Follow ourselves.

Don’t just write it to me
BE a life thats beautiful 
so that as a book in the end,
it’s better then any post you’d ever think up.




Since I’ve  been on this site a massive amount in this month of Marchy March, I’ve wondered a few things about us on here.

About what we’re like in person.
About where we are when we post, write and read.
And if the world of sigh-brr is the only place that knows what we’re typing.
And if so, how many of us that means are ungenuine, untrue and lying to self and lonely in the real world.

I picture the world whizzing around you sitting, huddled in a comfy chair in a building. While a couple of teenage friends toss grand stories around or where older generations are laying out fragments of future plans on the coffee stained tables.

And I feel a little sorry for you.
And I feel a little sorry for me.
After configuring the amount of time I spend on here-which I do very much enjoy – I realize it’s enough time for the need of unbalance to become balanced again.
I need to go do what I’ve been writing of and internally psyching myself up for. ( Between the ideas of death and all )  Instead of being the one huddled around, divulging my learnings to you sigh-burring peoples ( all though I’ve told a few pals what’s been what )
( and hey, sometimes we all need a little bit of that time online) but too much of that time for me,  will eventually make my ideas of living better, dissipate; because nothings been done with them.

“Do.” Me Says. ( I really did say it outloud just now )

Being Better People

I think sometimes we just need to stop.

Everything that we’re doing.Except living.
And use that to figure out how we’re living our life.
Sometimes it takes an arguement, an eye opener.. sometimes it takes death..
for us to really see the things we’re doing wrong in life.
Maybe if we made the conscious decision to check in every once in awhile with self, we wouldn’t need those occurances.

We all lose sight every once and awhile. We all get so hooked up on our routines that we become blinded and unaware of our reactions. We make the same ones even though they are negative and dreary.

I think that living a happy and good life is a choice. And after years of doing the same thing and being around the same stuff, it is difficult to break free of the mold we’ve created for self. So deciding to live a better life is a conscious choice that needs nurturing.

I hope that we can be more aware of our actions and what we say.
I hope that we can become better and nicer people by being positive and being less negative towards people and self.
After awhile, the conscious effort we put into making ourselves better people, will become somebody we are.And that is truly someone we should consider being.