Life States

Woke up in state of
not Ohio
or New Mexico

but Life though.

“I’m happy to have you visit”
it says
as if I’m bordering an exit
that it only knows. 

    I do fall asleep in It’s arms
every now and then.
And when I wake up, it always states to me,
that I’m It’s eternal Friend.



You Know You’re Tired When…

I can tell I am out of it when I go to use my perfume bottle as deoderant. TWICE in one week. I can tell I am out of it when I eat two raw noodles before realizing that it is not the way they are supposed to be eaten. I realize that my brain is far from working when I pour my coffee grinds into the part where the water is supposed to go. I almost use sunscreen for my toothpaste and instead of putting my underware on frontwards or even ON, I use it as a cloth to wipe down the counters. ( What also, is that saying about my choice in underware pattern?!! )
And last but not least, I know I’m tired when I find myself staring at my feet and thinking that it is all I want to do!
True facts of the last week!

Oh dear.