Babies and Baby Animals

Unlike other animals, babies don’t see danger.
They will repeatedly fall off the bed. They will try and suck on pennies and reach for knives. They will put bugs in their mouth and fall down the stairs.

Why are they built like that?

To me, it is so that the parent or care-taker, has to be around. It is our human nature to want to prevent bad things happening to our children and if all our babies knew what not to do when it came to danger, that’d make for a smaller amount of time around them. The nurturing process would be less involved and perhaps that bond wouldn’t be as strong.

Animals are different.
Baby Cubs know to get away from a tiger. They know they can’t fly so they don’t jump off cliffs. Certain types of fish know they can’t swim at a depth beyond 100 metres-so they don’t swim deeper than that.

Everyday I watch my baby learn.
But no matter how many times he rolls off the bed, he will continue to do it.
Even though he does not understand it or realise it, that is why I am there.
I am not only wanted, I am needed.
And that is a pretty darn special feeling!