I hate you, I love you 2016

At first thought I’d just like to rip 2016 off my leg like a badly designed mole or freckle. Or like my sons car, drop it into the tub and watch it drown. Or you know, possibly tie it to a train track, throw it off a bridge or bury it next to the core of the earth.

But then I have second thoughts and realize how irrational I’m being.
My sons car has no breath to drown, a train crash and a bridge throw just means pieces of stuff strewn about and the core of the earth burial just means meltage into the soil and new growth.

My point is,
2016 you sucked. You sucked the wind outta my engine sails. You beat me till I near fell off the step ladder at work and was deemed by my family, unsafe to drive. You forced truths, activities and confrontations.
You intervened violently, cutting off air supply to a creation I had chosen to live with ( and feed )  for years. We only know what we know and 2016,  at first you were ugly and battling against me. You were not what I was familiar with,  I knew nothing about you and you scared me.

But 2016,
I love you.
There was a time you were my enemy and I couldn’t imagine feeling this.
You may have sucked a lot out of me but I see now, it was the bad stuff – And in it’s place, You blew a difference into me that I’m excited to show your relative, 2017.
You changed me bigtime 2016. Not like the ancestry of your fore fathers or mamas or siblings. Man, you got me.

Thank you for being the best bad of my life so far. For putting up with my constant wish to cancel the orders I never made for you. For dealing with my stubborn and slow acceptance, my resistance and denial.
I respect you for what you’ve taught myself and I will forever be more appreciative of hardships.

May I make me and 2017 proud!