Lightweight EarthStage

Putting on ballons. To wear them running.
Attatched as well, with lightweight fabric that the wind is going to do nothing but caress.

Soul of lightweight touch too.

Strands of hair dancing in wild with the strands of light.
that filter through the branches of all the trees.

Feather pockets and around neck and tugging fabric at all your skins creases.
The weathers amusement.

The trees brand of entertainment.

Coddling the grass with toes.
Devouring gulps of air that’s falling into darker states.
As the sun sets
lighter than all the shadows.
on the stage of light

Ballooing into a lighter being of adventurous.



Balloon Life

Hee and Lee Um.
Two twin boys with the last name Um.
Lived in a balloon.
And instead of being born and being young, they swooshed into the balloon at age 22, and slowly deflated down to a 2. And when they were here, they let out a cheer, and left the home of their balloon.
Helium Land.