What is your Busy?

A month ago yesterday, son and I landed in Toronto.
It feels like a year.

What is busy?
Everyones busy is different. It is a perspective.
I am coming from days that were spent sitting at home editing videos, days where going a 30 second walk to the village playground was the highlight of the day. Every day.

To this:
20 minute drives into town to run errands, to shop and to see people. Days where going outside is the least of what we do.

So to me, my busy has elevated quite quickly.
Speaking with people is a part of my busy.
Getting doors held open for me and my stroller, acknowledging and saying ‘thank you’, is a part of my busy.

Eventually, these will become less of busy and more of just how life is.
And it will be my basis, my grounds, for more busy. So maybe by the time my kid goes to school, I’ll be so used to my busy, not having him around daily, will drive me to the Whoa Streets.
Or maybe not.

Do you like your Busy?
What is it?

Comfort Zone Foundation

I’ve done more in one week than I have done in one year.
I have pushed myself to go and do things that I haven’t really wanted to do. And it has felt amazing. I realize that stepping out of comfort zones is a good thing, and that coming back to Canada was majorly me, stepping back into one. But I also know that the basis, the foundation of a comfort zone,the location of a comfort zone, enables confidence one can step further out with.
The conversation and flow is coming to me easier than I thought. It is fresh and new and seems far less distant than in previous visits. This being a permenent move, probably makes the difference.

I’m making the decisions to be analyze less. To shrug off encounters and reaction- refusing to over think. And it is like a weight lifting.
I feel different as a person. I am seeing old glimmers of me everyday, in the people that I talk to, in the thoughts I have.

It feels so wonderful to be home.