Helpful WordPress

Sometimes I feel woozy after a lot of wordpress reading. As if the world is caving in a little bit and we are closer in distance and have deeper connection,  but that we’re battling the same dinosaurs that have been around for decades.
( Dino heart and brain struggles are never extinct! )

I just hope for the sake of humankind that we’re getting somewhere. Well… I know that we are. Just sometimes the sadder posts are heavy and the motivational ones can’t pick them up.And that’s when I feel the woozy.

We’re on the same life string, learning from one another yet more than half of our experiences have to be actually experienced by ourself for us to really know what it’s like.
I don’t have to ask what we are all doing and why; blogging hours into our system.
I get it.


I guess the connection between the posts and your life outside of these cyber walls, is sometimes difficult for me to wrap my head around.
In truth, it is likely me living so far into this blogging wondrousity that I have to question my own experiences and livability.


WordPress is always helpful. Even when it isn’t.




Soft Admittance: New Followers

After MakeItUltra posted a promotional blog piece, I’ve got a very dazzling, overwhelmingly amount more of followers. ( Thank you MIU ! )

So much so, I feel slightly bashful.
Flattered,humbled..stopped short in my movement.

I know I will keep posting the same as always, but it awe-jolts my breath a little to know that some are climbing onto this raft for the first time; that more people have the potential to gather a great deal about me.

This bursted composure is initial and will pass, but to note of such impact on myself is something I knew I had to share with you.

Thank you new followers. The roots of a new happy have taken position in my heart. I look forward to sharing with you and learning the content of your mind – for that is a mighty special space to have access to.


Why Type?

Sometimes I wonder what these blogs mean.
I have been keeping journal since 1995. But I’ve looked through them maybe a handful of times.
Does this mean that the therapy lies in the actual fall from brain to fingertips?
Is that the current I ride on?

Sometimes reasons for things don’t really matter. And that fact alone, is helpful. Is wonderful.
We have to get things out if we don’t want to shrivel to crispy bacon.
No matter what happens once it’s out there.
Sometimes just knowing we have the freedom, the ability to speak our mind thoughts, is enough medicine to stop the cough.

I’m going to go cook some bacon now.

Happy Halloweeny everyone.