Comfort Zone Foundation

I’ve done more in one week than I have done in one year.
I have pushed myself to go and do things that I haven’t really wanted to do. And it has felt amazing. I realize that stepping out of comfort zones is a good thing, and that coming back to Canada was majorly me, stepping back into one. But I also know that the basis, the foundation of a comfort zone,the location of a comfort zone, enables confidence one can step further out with.
The conversation and flow is coming to me easier than I thought. It is fresh and new and seems far less distant than in previous visits. This being a permenent move, probably makes the difference.

I’m making the decisions to be analyze less. To shrug off encounters and reaction- refusing to over think. And it is like a weight lifting.
I feel different as a person. I am seeing old glimmers of me everyday, in the people that I talk to, in the thoughts I have.

It feels so wonderful to be home.