People and Connection

Sometimes it’d be nice to just feel like I connected with everybody.
That’s what I think I felt like before my 5 years in Thailand.That I connected with everyone. Even in most of my visits back to Canada during that time.

But not connecting with everyone now, means I value more the ones that I do. The connections I DO have.
Which means I’ll end up having valuable people in my life,
which means I’ll end up having a more valuabe life.

Because having people around that you value,
means you are going to be better,
live stronger,
and love more.

Why The People in Our Life

Do you ever wonder why the people that are in your life, are there?

Sometimes it is just because we see them everyday. We work with them, we go to school with them, we ride the same bus as them.

But why do we make relations with the one that we do?
What at home, drives us to seek and attatch ourselves to those people?

Are we lacking attention from our boyfriend? Are we going through a rough time that makes us vulnerable? Do we just need someone to listen to us for a week?
Are we using them to fill a void of ours?

Why are we in THEIR life?
What do we fufill.
If we didn’t have this issue in our life, would we continue to talk to them?
Are we selfish in our desire to keep them around because they make us feel good?

Are the levels of both sides, being met? Or does someone want more.

Would it really be greater if all this were known?