Can’t Stop Cooking

I have something with cooking.

I just got into it only in the last year.
And now,
I have this weird- odd- need sensation to continue. I’ll make three things in one day. Bake cookies, make a soup and crock pot chicken. It’s nuts.
It’s like I’m catching up for all those years I didn’t touch a saucepan and raw meat.
I’m doing it to take up time. To keep me busy. Yes. And I really really am enjoying it.

Change on the Menu

Change is on the menu.

I just need to order it.
Not just for an appetizer.
For all courses.

For the course of my life.

If anything. I need to be the chef in the kitchen:
making the change.

But similiar to food, I have never excelled in cooking.
So its a learnin as we go experience. Trial and error.

I feel there is an ingredient I rarely have used in my life.
It comes in a glass bottle and it is called Truth.

That Good Feel

Do you ever find that somedays are extra goodly good? You wake up and there really is no specific reason that comes to your head about why today feels so gosh darh lovely. If you look a bit closer maybe you can assemble the pieces for this. You got a good sleep, you’re excited to eat bacon as usual and the sky is bright. Maybe it is breezy outside and breeze to you, always counts as adventure.
Maybe its because your baby is in good spirits and has you laughing. Maybe because you bought a pile of groceries the night before and know you picked up those special soft nantucket cookies that are sensational to eat!
So many little things that can add to the goodness feel. Sometimes we forget that just being with our significant other is what makes us happy. When we become so used to things being around us, we forget that we’d be unhappy without it. Like breath. We all take that for granted. We all forget about it. But things like the capability of playing guitar, or interacting with others in a conversation.. the way we can smell the neighbours cooking there breakfast or hear the kids riding there bicycles around.

And it really is kind of sweetly so to think about when I tell you that today, the day I write and post these words, is not one of these good days. I awoke with a cold and had a yuckified sleep with split minutes of wake throughout. Nose has ran all morning but yet,
I write of good things, because sometimes,
that is the specific that can help make today feel so gosh darn lovely.