Things I Miss About Canada

People rarely stop to think about the simple things in life and what
it would be like to go without them. I’m apart of those people and it
wasn’t until it happened to me, did I stop to admire the simplistic
ways of my life.

I’ve lived abroad for the last four years and I can tell you that
Honey Nut Cheerio dreams frequent my sleep. I can tell you that the
smell of fresh-cut grass is something I stop for and that a job well
done is beyond rarity.

I have cravings continually, of all different kinds of western food.
Foods that were so normal to have. Like pickles, hash browns..
or a good hamburger.
China makes the best Chinese food, America and Canada are
experts in their western cuisine. Thailand do Thai best.
So it is no surprise that when all these countries attempt to
make another cultures dish, it just isn’t as good.
McDonald’s really isn’t what I know it as. Subway doesn’t have the
right tomatoes and pizza huts sauce just isn’t how I remember it.

Along with the food I crave, there are simple ways I long for.

I miss driving with a certainty, with the natural trust in others on
the road around me. Here, drivers are so unpredictable that even
the ‘dumbest’ of moves is likely to happen. Every single time.

When dining out, servers will hand you menus and proceed to stand by
the table, pen and notepad in hand.
I miss being able to feel free to take my time while ordering.

When I go to a Home store I miss being able to believe what the
employee says about whether or not the faucet will fit in properly.

I miss the perfect telephone wires and straight poles. The sewer
gratings that are aligned with the roads surface. I miss sidewalks and
the stop signs that people actually stop at. I miss even, the police.
The police that won’t ask if I have a boyfriend when they stop me.
Police that won’t make traffic worse by trying to direct it.

Sometimes my eyes long for clean streets and buildings. Ones that
aren’t plastered with colourful signs, posters and Nescafe ‘

Seeing homeless dogs is normal. So is seeing prostitutes. My eyelashes
don’t even bat anymore.

I miss hair salons that have my colour. I miss being able to tell the
hairdresser exactly what i want and to get it.

Oh if only people here could admit when they don’t know where
Starbucks is. Instead of pointing me in the wrong direction because
they want to save face.

Parks. And all their greenery. Slides and swings. My bones burn for

Dishwashers and smiles. Houses without barred windows and metal
gates. Riding in cars with the windows down.
These all add to the missage pile.

There are plenty more things I miss and crave while away from Canada.
And I understand that whenever I return, there will be things I miss
and crave about Thailand.

These things are simple parts of everyday life. Things I didn’t
think twice about not having.
It’s made me appreciate more, the smaller things.. It’s made me see
how attatched I have got to certain aspects of my life, and made
me more aware of the impact these things have.

And since I have made a post on things I miss about Canada , it is rightly so
that I post one about what I miss about Thailand.