Back To Thailand

Let’s take a look back to the place I lived in for five years. Pattaya,Thailand.
It changed me.
As  moving anywhere does.

Pattaya is a city of tourists,prostitutes,murders,drugs,wires,signs and deceit.

That basically sums up the negative.
But I am not such a cynical person that I find no positive of anything.

Fruit is wonderful, markets, 24hour 711’s almost within 4 minutes of anywhere.
Beautiful. Cheap clothes.

And there’s people that will drive you home so drunk you don’t even know where home is and they call your mom from you iphone asking and taking no money from purse and delivering.
Once in a lifetime that happens.

There’s also the time where you almost get raped by a so called friend and you set it up cause you went there alone in the dark and it waas in the middle of nothing but  a pack of dogs so when you scream and bolt and run and run and have dogs chasing and you’re whipping stones at them and hoping hoping hoping you won’t feel their teeth on your leg, well that’s life there too.

I haven’t had many scary expeirences there. That I felt. Save for that one. So in five years, i think that’s doing pretty good. I mean, i putmyself in dangerous spots all the time. I truly did. I ate noodles in a stairwell at three am for 2 months straight on the weekends.

I bruised with reality. I tested it. I got so drunk i was shoeless in a massive downpour, water rushing down streets and alone and white wearing me , brother searching, me just drunk drunk drunk.

I like to believe that my non touristy brain, saved me.
That I could smell danger, I avoided. That I thought like them. That my knowlede of the city, the people, helped me. I was able to manevouer around people. My expertise at people, at Thai’s really came into play and I belive that the reason for my safety.

No matter what they say.

Cause they lie like they need the money.
And most of them do.


Babies and Baby Animals

Unlike other animals, babies don’t see danger.
They will repeatedly fall off the bed. They will try and suck on pennies and reach for knives. They will put bugs in their mouth and fall down the stairs.

Why are they built like that?

To me, it is so that the parent or care-taker, has to be around. It is our human nature to want to prevent bad things happening to our children and if all our babies knew what not to do when it came to danger, that’d make for a smaller amount of time around them. The nurturing process would be less involved and perhaps that bond wouldn’t be as strong.

Animals are different.
Baby Cubs know to get away from a tiger. They know they can’t fly so they don’t jump off cliffs. Certain types of fish know they can’t swim at a depth beyond 100 metres-so they don’t swim deeper than that.

Everyday I watch my baby learn.
But no matter how many times he rolls off the bed, he will continue to do it.
Even though he does not understand it or realise it, that is why I am there.
I am not only wanted, I am needed.
And that is a pretty darn special feeling!