The Difference On Same

There was a time that I thought the same as everyone was boring.
Now I feel a sense of unity in it .A bond. I find the balance in knowing that as many similarities we have, their are differences. 
And its not awful to me anymore
Being older kinda makes me want that security in sameness. I value peoples differences, but there’s a special intrigment I find in going deeper with similar ideas or way of thinking. A relatability that makes me feel warm and pleasant and understood. I do think connection can happen regardless. I’m just different now, in the way that I’m more okay with sameness.




Thank you Openly Isolated for the inspiration. 😛

If You’re Happy, I’m Happy!

If you’re in a good mood there is a better chance you will do things for other people.
When people hold the doors open for me or help me pick up baby toys that have fallen, it makes me feel happy. The more that this happens, the happier I get. Which in turn increases your chances of being helped or smiled at. If I’m in a good mood, there’s a better chance I will do things for other people.

We all get into grumpy spots and letting someone slip into the traffic line ahead of you can become the last thing you want to do. My very basic point is that if we do things for other people, there happiness inevitably goes up. Maybe not by much, maybe they’re so low they don’t actually get out of there crankiness,but either way they recognize that something good just happened.
It is a cycle. We become lifted by others’ laughter. By people helping us.
Let’s do it more often and we will most certainly see the difference come back around to us.