SighBrr Friends…



Today marks an entire month of zero alcohol for my bloodstream. For my tastebuds. My system.

Besides nine months of pregnancy in 2012, it has been the longest I have went without a drink in 10 years.

10 fricken years.

It may be a sad piece to be proud of, but I’m gonna take it and be just that.
Proud of my self.

Because if we’re not proud of little pieces here and there in our life,  we’re gonna be a lot more unhappy and a lot less great to be around.

Drink me Up

She is the sweet whine
that everyone complains about.
Smooth, hint of pear and
with the strong aftertaste of care.

The style you don’t need refreshed. 

She is the argument
inside your stained soul. 
Wrong. Right. A battle of your bruises
healing now, and that’s what the news is. 

This is the style your needs thirst for.



What I Created

For the first time I am afraid of the city I left.
The black concoction I swirled and mixed and added things to for years,
the drink I was never around long enough to take a sip of,
is now the very drink I must drink.
I am forcing myself to.
Because I am not going to find happines anywhere in life, if I am not happy with self.

The time period, the age I thrived in,left years ago.
And I am only now, figuring that out.
I’ve lifted my head up and realized that the only way I found ‘happy’ was by attention and distraction.
You can’t get that stuff when you’re holding a drink of black.