Forth and Back

You are weak, you are strong, you are every lyric to every song.
You bend my blood right to the core and plant my feet on every floor.
So I am everywhere because of you and I don’t know what you do
but I love and I hate it and for the life of me I can’t escape it. 




Belly Up

I spend 4 hours straight
curving through Youtube videos
because I do not want to press stop
too afraid to run around my own mind track

in bed
in silence
in darkness.

I think so much these days
it hurts the head of my house
I walk, like most of you do
into Movies, Romances and Make Upped people world,
Life that doesn’t really exist like that
only mere ideas formed to make
what we see on screen.

We escape there, letting our emotions attatch to those
and we let go of our own reality
if only for a little while.

I am afraid of my own thoughts
and days like these
it turns me belly up.