Chipped up bananas with sauce the colour of an August sunrise.
Bent from clues across the globe, this place carries itself in it’s own hands.
Careful not to crunch in the dill, that spice is for the yellow rubber ducks. Free from speech because it’s expensive to make one. Or we’re not captured when we speak, only capturing audiences we can’t control.

I won’t buck at stars, but I will drink stars for a few bucks.
I will try not to do E and cough, but I will drink coffee.
Drinks are all the power in your system. Monsters, bulls with wings, even the captain sends morgan to connect with you. As hazy as that gets, they’ll always be the stars to drink, yeah it’ll cost you a few bucks, but the cost of clarity is indispensable.

Sobering up 3 AM

Furry brain stuck in my head
sitting on stone steps at three am
after it rains
with mint in my mouth.
Not cold nor wet
just plain and loose.
I watch power lines
in between leaves
a space I see with glaze
covered donut eyes
gloss runs dry
and the sun comes out
and it is 3 am.






a Nutty experience

I was a cashew rolled up in the carpet
I knew I was a nut but I couldn’t explain it
just that my left shoe was falling off
and my hair was in my eyes.
Ha! As if I couldn’t see my friends
they were peanuts, yeh
but I spent a lot on that jar.
It was engraved glass and tinted loose red.
That night in my sleeping bag living arena,
they say I got out my skillet and began roasting myself.
What else was I going to do with a million and two other things I couldn’t do.
At least they didn’t add salt, because they also tell me,
I was good enough plain.

A Little Like Fun Lovin’ Wordplay

I coloured you with my red pencil crayon, 
hoping it would make you more ready.
I added meat to your plate- it was steak, and nudged a shot glass towards you, thinking you’d like to meet me in the park after dinner. I just want a shot with you, with high stakes and all.

I put a hole in the middle of your grilled cheese sandwich. because I’d like to give you the whole universe and I’d like to be the center.

Under the sun, outside your house I stood.  because I thought it would help you to understand that I want a son with you.
I stood out in the rain too, you kinda reign my heart.

I rang in the new year alone in the trailer 0f your backyard, because I want to give you a ring that lands us in the movie of Life; of great confrontation.

I want to see this through; it’s what I told the sea I’d do. No matter the dew in my eyes or the bees my skin may wear, you are where I want to be.

You Can Do It To

There is a lot of things we are able to pull aside into our minds and contemplate. To just sit in a room with the thoughts and think and think and think about .
I’ve went through phases where I’d stop and write a physical note down about my specific thought and come back at the end of the day to a page of ridiculous uncorrelated thoughts..and make something really grand with them all.
Those thoughts can be actual occurances. They stem from some truth. And I pride myself on making everyday occurances colourful and beautiful. They are usually simple too. I like to be fun in my head. To laugh at the small things and feel myself getting lighter and looser just because of it . If I am able to create wondrousity from simplicity without overturning the reality, I think that’s rad. If I am able to do all that and skew reality a bit and KNOW that I am, I think that’s radical too. I don’t want to create heavy out of what I can make light of. What’s the use of baggage when we’ve got aerosol cans.