Some Quotes Just Aren’t Good.Or Are They.

I like my fair share of quotes. I do.
some of them don’t really work for me.

And I get it. Quotes are supposed to be short, sweet and worded just right so that the idea is transmitted easily.

But sometimes the lack thereof is the very thing that promotes the questions.
Or the thing that completely sucks the reality away.

As far as my thoughts have went:

you CAN’T ‘live each day as if it was your last’

you CAN’T ‘live in each and every single moment.’
This is not something we can exert 100% of the time.
How come?
Because we have a brain and circumstantial invariables.  We have exhaustion,distractions and feelings that collapse into our soul without asking.  We have a mind that needs a break.
We have too many loved ones, distance and lack of time,  to go and say goodbye to them every single day we’re supposed to be living like it’s our last.


‘Always Kiss Me Goodnight’

I thought relationships  were supposed to mirror selflessness.
Let’s make this less individualistic. Specially if it’s going to go above our bed.
” Always Give Us a Kiss” And goodnight? What about Morning? Or Snack time?!

“Always Kiss Us Anytime” is my version.


” Don’t worry. Be Happy “.

Now, now. Before you get upset running through your veins, I enjoy Bob Marleys music and I think- based on what I know- the life he lived.
With each quote there are usually a few different circumstances that change it.  So when your house burns down and takes everything with it, you should be happy that you’re alive, right? Except realistically you’re going to worry about the passport that you need for the trip you had planned two days from then, to see your mother who has a week to live.
Perhaps we should just accept that we’re not going to be happy in every situation of our lives so that when we do feel down, it’s not as big of a revolting disgust- which makes the sadness darker.


If we’re really going to break life down like that, why we gotta put ‘live’ in there.
Loving and laughing should BE what living IS. Not another L word.


And you see, you can’t really win when trying to break down quotes.
Loving and laughing should be what living is yet we should accept we’re not going to be happy all the time? Ha!

Quotes are going to contradict one another because they’ve all got there unique individiality and power to prove points based on specific circumstances .

Now, that’s going into quote format. 😉  :


‘Quotes are going to contradict one another because they’ve all got there unique individiality and power to prove points based on specific circumstances . ‘






Making Good from ‘ Bad ‘

I write differently to different people because everyone is different and people need to hear things differently or read them written that way instead of the other way and each way makes you pick up snatches that aren’t the same.
People make me figure stuff out about myself.
I only have my own self reflection here in Thailand so going to Canada and being exposed to mirrors that talk back is incredible. It makes me feel more like a person instead of a shell and it is scary to think that I may think of myself as a shell in Thailand and only that. But there is so much to feel in Canada. So much to give and so much to take and I have to stay sensible and realize that it is only because my time has been limited each and everytime I have went back,for the past four years. It affects these things so much so, that breaking down isn’t so much of a surprise. Because these are the life sized things. For me. These are the things that pinch my heart and stagger my thoughts and wind my ideas so that they go walking across the carpets on missions to unknown destinations.
That is me dealing.
There are always many tears when I say goodbye in Canada and I am always trying my best not to drown in them. Being conscious of it. It is good to feel that way even though it is hurting.
If I felt none of this, could I really sense the better in the good? If I had nothing to compare. Nothing extreme to relate it to, then the good wouldn’t be so good and the value would be non-existent.