I Lived as a Child

I took myself away from myself.
I sacrificed the best parts of me, so that I could live loosely, irresponsibly and carelessly and make myself believe that was the only way I could be happy.
I knew I was lying to myself all those years. And I didn’t pull any of the better parts of me out , to change what I was.
I let myself get bigger, cry over the things I refused to handle, and stepped far in to the inability to deal with issues properly.
I knew all the right steps. I knew what I had to do, but I was too dependent on the darker side. By letting it consume me, I could feel less, be further away and disconnected from my tough choices.
I got too good at being so bad.

Making Life Easier

You have today, to start at the beginning.
you can start everyday like it’s the first one of your life.
you can eat a basket of french fries yesterday and the next day
you choose to eat broccoli and celery
and each bad choice you make
you power it up with a good one
and life suddenly becomes easier to handle.