I Struggle with Myself

I’m a bit lost these days. What does one do? I guess I never thought I would be in this situation because I’ve been pretty darn great at keeping myself happy. But it is a new low.
When you know you can be better in your relationship, when you know the things you need to do, but you have no will to do them? When you know you are capable of being happier and you are focused on what you think you need but deep down you know that you need to fix what you are in.
You need to fix what you are in because right now, it is fixable.
But it is the most scariest thing I have ever been a part of because it deals with my child and my marriage and I now, after only so long, I realise I am not fit to be commitable. I can’t do it. I run. I have run all my life out of relationships.From people that have wanted to marry me. From people that would have done so much to keep me.
Little things irritate me and I have been able to run because of all the others out there.
Even now, they are there. But it has taken this long for these things to add up, about him. About the guy I married. It has taken this long, four years, for even the tiniest bit of running thought, to enter. And I wonder, why the hell now.
I am so far removed from this situation. I’m already out and I don’t want to be in. But I feel pressed to be and we started documents today to move to Canada and I know I am supposed to talk to him and say everything and spill it all, but I am Running Women, I have been doing it all my life and this is where it gets me. To here. To a dead end. Because I know I will not be happy. I am doing this to him and to myself. To our son.
And I feel so messed up. There is noone I have. No best friends. Noone to talk to.
I’ve got myself here,
How do I get myself out ?

Sleep Training- The First Night

I’m on my knees on a padded cushion, my hands over and into the crib, rubbing my babies’ back and trying to hum. I’m trying and not just doing, because I am sobbing. My body is shaking and my head is against the bars and I’m letting my tears run and I’m letting my heart race.

In those moments, all you want to do is pick your baby up. You know he will stop crying, you know what will make him stop and there’s a hundred of the same questions flinging through your head, ‘ am i doing this right?’ ‘ should he be crying this much?’
And you can’t pick him up after 20 minutes, because you have read all the books that say ‘to give in, is to erase all the work you’ve done thus far’. It is better to not even start if you are incapable of finishing.
So I hold off and I can feel my heart lurch and my stomach feels sick and I feel sick and I’m not going to eat dinner tonight. My head gets dizzy and I keep patting his bum while he keeps wailing and I don’t know what else to do, I don’t know what else to do.

My heart hurts
but when his cries turn into whimpers, and the whimpers eventually into still shudders,
there is a relief that floods through my entire self and I know, I know I’ve done the right thing. I feel strong and powerful and I feel that I could do it again, I could do it again.
If I had to.

But it’s never as hard as this night.
The first night is the worst. And I make myself believe that they get easier because I’m strong. That my strength is what will break habits before they even begin.

I hate when you cry,
but I love that I hate it.
It means I will react, that I will do, that I will try,
that I will try and be,
the best Mother I can be for you.