I Pet my Food

I buy mushrooms and onions just to saute them and eat them for dinner.
And the dish is to divine for.
For dessert, my heart crunches into Mr.Big.Sometimes the idea of thinking about a treat like that, gives me a surge of love for the whole word. Chocolate can do that to yuh, I suppose. Or maybe it’s just the healthy relationship with the empty calories.

5 days In with a Belly

I don’t really care that I have the belly on me of an 20 week old fetus inside a belly of a 20 week pregnant woman.

No guys, I’m not pregnant.
I just haven’t drank booze in 5 days.

The thing is: I feel happier AND healthier.
As absurd as that seems because I’ve been seen shovelling  chips, chocolate chips and coconut slivers in my mouth left right and straight.
It doesn’t matter. I still feel happier and know that in due time, when all this crazy subsides, I’ll run or eat better. This is the way I’m going about the process of zero percent of alcohol in my system. Yeah sure there are healthier ways out there, but this is what is working for me and if I have to work it all off in a few weeks time, so be it. I believe in me.

Go me!

It’s Okay to Forget

It’s okay when you turn the washing machine and walk away without putting soap in it. It’s okay to brush your teeth without toothpaste on your brush. It’s okay to put salt in your coffee or BBQ sauce in your cup of juice.
It’s okay because forgetting these essentials, gives you a chance to realize that hey, you’ve got a brain and it works and some people, some people have to make choices in it, to remember to do those actions. Those everyday, thoughtless actions.
You have your brain of health, you can walk and stand and pour and sip and you can do and think and string along words that are logical and practical and you are a human being that knows some pretty cool everyday shit.

Slimming Down for Canada

Each time before I go back to Canada, I basically stop eating and dance and do ab work.
It’s not a lifestyle thing I do. Which I know, eating healthy is supposed to be.
Each time I am continually amazed at how small I end up being.
And Canada is my basic motivation.
I know I’ll over indulge in all the eats I didn’t have here.
But this time I had better watch it. I’m not leaving the place after two months.
I will be living there.
And I don’t think I’ll really feel that I am, until two months has passed.
When the novelty of a visit, has worn off.
And what then my dear friends? What then.