What My Earrings Say About Me

There’s an evident flickering on the floor beside my bed.
A glistening little pond, the smallest sea of jewels.

Quite Frankly, or Mikely or Bobbly,
it is that.

A small sea of jewels.

I take them off and put them their each night .

Thin layer of earrings line a section of the carpet.
Shapes of hearts, gold, silver, dangly ones, pearl ones.

If I could tell who I was by looking at this pile of earrings, I’d say I can be a sophisticated well mannered woman, who goes to fancy wine parties. I’m also a 12 year old girl who can be caught drawing initials in a heart during class. I can also be a punk kind of gal with black and tom boyish kind of clothes. All of these and more.

And then back to real me,
well I’d have to go ahead and say that a collection of ones earrings can tell a lot of accuracy about that person.
For I feel all of those above, is true. I am all of those and more.
For those of you who care.