To Him

Today: March First Twenty Fifteen.
Today I will start something.
I do not know if his eyes will ever see it, but I write to a man with every intention that he will one day.

It is someone I believe to be who I am supposed to be with.
Someone I believe I am supposed to marry.
We are not dating, but we have.

For a year and two months.

I met him in highschool, 12 years ago.

We were always dating or seeing other people. Kind of were in the same group sometimes. Mutual friends.
I went to a Halloween Party in 2014 and we talked one on one for one of the first times.

We started texting soon after. By February 2015, I had moved in.

These are notes to him. Words for his eyes, that I hope someday, he will see.
I am in love with him.
And he does not know that in the slightest.

Here begins my expressions and devout devotion through posts.