Gratitude Comes in This Form

Driving along with music notes dancing inside the car pretty loudly, I begin to recognize an extra beat to the song. And it’s an off beat at that. Hm. This song did not have this badoo whop, badoo whop sound last time I heard it. I slowed down for a red light and felt my car shift it’s weight from side to side like an uncomfortable person right before an audition. Well, I didn’t know my car could DANCE either.

As I continued to slow, I turned the volume down on my song. Stopping at a busy intersection requires a great deal of concentration sometimes.

That’s when it clicked in. My left front tire had felt left out from all the hustle and bustle of holiday and didn’t care to actually be a tire anymore. I quickly changed lanes, turned left at the corner and parked.

Yep, it was about as low as my income in the year I didn’t work.

Upon calling my dad and setting up shop for what I knew would be a 45 minute wait, THREE individuals stopped in that time to see if they could help.  I was wearing large sunglasses, a toque and my head was buried in a novel I had ripped out from under my passenger seat. So even though they were all male, ( because what females stop for broken down cars anyways) they couldn’t have known I was a pretty human being with Christmas makeup and sparkling nail polish on.

One man stayed and did his best to pump the tire with air, and we even went to his house once my Pops showed up, where he helped change the darn thing with all his awesome tools.

So. My heart felt full of thankfulness and appreciation and I float on in admiration of human kind. In the days where I’ll whisper expletives under my breath at car cuts or customers, I’ll remember that somewhere out there, a human is helping another human get a car fixed.

All just because that’s what humans can do.






Accept Holidays, you Hue mans


Holidays are on the calender. They are days off of school. They are days off of work. You’ll complain about the marketing tactics, how it’s all just a scam, yet you’ll book a trip to Montreal on those days off and you will love it.

Don’t complain about how everyone should be showing their utmost love on more than just Valentines Day. When you don’t.
Instead of boycotting holidays, accept them.
Because unless you’re going to start a campaign that stretches across the world, the holiday ain’t gonna change.
They are in our calender year of life.

If you’re gonna stay home and sulk, then fine, do it. But don’t try and drag everybody else down with you.
If some 40 year olds want to dress up green, sparkle there face up and wear short Irish skirts and not even be Irish,
let them.
Being happy for other peoples happiness, regardless of where it derives from- is a beautiful quality to have.

Have fun with it, because you can’t change it.

In turn, you’ll likely turn out happier yourself and who knows,
maybe join in the next time someones having a Hop Along Easter Bunny Party and have the best carrot cake you’ve ever tasted.

Leap for It

A day like today, one that happens less then all the others.
You name a child LeapChild, and they end up crawling all their life.
You name your daughter BigHeart, and she has the darkest of them all.

When a day gets called something,
we are under obligations.
Christmas and Easter and Valentines Day. We’re supposed to be with our loved ones.Supposed to eat a lot of food, take pictures and smile a bit more and talk a bit more.

And Leapday?

It’s  a day that doesn’t happen as often as all the other ones and we are under even an obligation with it.
It’s one extra day of the year that other years we don’t have,  so we should probably do something in it extra special.Or extraordainry. Right?

Take a leap of faith and do something fully based on that.
That’s what I’m going to do tonight.