Breast Enlargements

I think it interesting how woman will go and pay to get there breasts enlarged and wear tight, low cut and revealing tops or dresses.
I guess it’s almost like buying a sports car.
But flaunting body, not money.

I suppose because I’m more attracted to someone who spends time and pays attention – not money- on themselves, that the instant gratification implants offer isn’t as soothing an idea to me.

And yeah, you may have worked for that money used to change your body, and you may have felt completely useless and without confidence in your old shape.
But hey, I think it might be saying something when every outfit and event has you popping your boobs out like they were that way all along.

At that rate, I just think ones’ insecurities should be put under evaluation, not the knife.



Still caring for my wellbeing

You texted me alittle after when I was finished work and asked if I could text you when I got home. The roads were bad-slippery and snowy- and you wanted to make sure I got back safely.

We texted back and forth alittle while I waited for my Dad at the grocery store. And you questioned why I was there- didn’t the grocery store close at the same time as my store? – and I had to remind you that on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, we closed at eight.

That little texting conversation brought me back to your insecurity and distrust.
It didn’t add up to you and you immediatly thought the worst.

We have a lot of work to do, this I know.
But you caring for my well-being still?
That’s a lot.
A lot like love.