I just Knew it

The thing was,
I had a feeling. A deep pit of a feeling that you were going to contact me. I even turned my phone up and put it under my pillow so I’d hear it. I guess I just felt that enough time had went by since I dropped off the last chicken dish I made for you.
Two hours into my Snoozeland, I hear a beep boop beep.
My eyes still close, I smile. Knowing it’s you. Gotta be you.


” So no yummy dinner today? What’d I do wrong?” you joke.
14 minutes of back and forth responses and sends.

In turn has me this morning at 9 am, driving over bacon and eggs.The porch I used to sit out and have coffee with you on last summer is where I have been placing all the dropped off dishes. And so it is this place again, where I leave the steaming breakfast.
Just for you darlin’, just for you.

I just knew it.