Living Conditions


Everyone’s got ’em.

Houses are all going to have negatives. From leaving the door open in the dead of wintersnow to sleeping in till noon everyday- yeah, they’re going to be there. It’s not just happening at your house.
Think of all the people living inside the same walls as you. Then think of yourself.
You can go ahead and label that a relationship.

Don’t stick to the negatives. And instead, comment on the positives.

Respect and understand that the peoples have different ways to wash carrots or pull in the driveway. That people will forget that you’re sleeping or that you worked late last night or that you were going to have a shower and expected it to be HOT water instead of luke warm.

Figure out your priorities. What you can deal with- and not just deal but be fine and well and eventually, not care about type of dealings. Choose your battles.

I really don’t know what to do about the continual  occurances you so detest. So I will completely avoid that section altogether. 😀

As for the ones that are every now and then that rev up your anger levels a few notches, my basic adjustment is that of using your voice; yep, that there noise that occasionally comes out from between your loopy lips- and expressing it directly .

Make sure the problem is KNOWN.
Half the time we’re making this inner turmoil launch simply because we have yet to tell them that we HATE when they leave their toothbrush TOUCHING ours.
How can you expect them to stop if they do not know there actions are making anyone upset.

There will be times they slip up and truely forget. You have to let that slide and trust that they want a better living condition just like you- which means they want everyone around them to be happy.

Voice the positives of people and there doings and not the negatives. We’re all children somewhere deep within. We like being told that what we’re doing is good. We’ll do more of it. I don’t want to hear that I didn’t clean the toilets last week or that I left my laundry in the clothes basket too long. That just breeds negativity.

We are more determined to do well with positive feedback.
We become more approachable, productive and willing to make a home out of a four walled existence.

We feel like we’re worth something if we can make positive impact- even if it only  means someone told us it was nice we put the toilet seat down today.



Finding it Difficult to Do

I think one of the toughest things I’ll find in the next few months is doing.
Doing what I know I need to. Doing what I’m telling myself and what I’m telling people. They are the same thing but I can feel it wavering when I’m speaking it outloud to someone.
As if, I don’t really believe that I’m going to do it.
It’s so easy to fall back into the ways I knew.

Maybe I am expecting this to come naturally, because my desire for it is big enough.
But I think I’m slowly understanding that it’s not an overnight or a month change.
Lifestyles don’t just happen. They end up being lifestyles because of consecutive days that hold consistency.

Slimming Down for Canada

Each time before I go back to Canada, I basically stop eating and dance and do ab work.
It’s not a lifestyle thing I do. Which I know, eating healthy is supposed to be.
Each time I am continually amazed at how small I end up being.
And Canada is my basic motivation.
I know I’ll over indulge in all the eats I didn’t have here.
But this time I had better watch it. I’m not leaving the place after two months.
I will be living there.
And I don’t think I’ll really feel that I am, until two months has passed.
When the novelty of a visit, has worn off.
And what then my dear friends? What then.

A New Gum

I’m awake before all the others in the house.
But outside I hear the birds and the cars exiting the village.
Even with all the blinds still closed, I know there is a world bustling out there.

I know that people change as time does its thing. I know that people can grow apart because of it. It’s one of those things that I didn’t ever think would happen to my own best friends and myself.
But who was I kidding. An entire year away from them coupled with drastic changes in all our lifes…there’s bound to be some new gum to chew in the package.

I live abroad, away from a fast-paced ride I grew up smiling on. Over the years I’ve adapted to this slow, un-hurryable lifestyle and I’m okay with that because the speedy ride in Canada is something I know I can get back on.
And because I enjoy this snail spin.

Both of my best friends have changed differently. Except for the part where it’s the same. They’ve always had a backbone. An opinion. But now they vocalize it like its the only thing worth selling in the world. They’ve got speech and conversation down pat like I used to. They’ve got bigger words that I haven’t used in years, and I feel alittle overwhelmed and lost.

I don’t have friends here that speak proper English. I have my boyfriend and that is whom I go to with it all. But  I’ve turned into more of a listener, because thats partly how him and I work. So when my friends come over-seperatly mind you, and visit me in my house here, I feel the difference.
I am being spoken at, not to. My thoughts and feelings are belittled because of the easy confidence they sway in. I’ve been aware of which happenings I put my energy towards and so far this dishevelled gum tastes like surprise and confusion.
For now, I leave my two best friends and I with a quieter woman because I have yet to swallow.