Be Soft like Lint

It is okay to ask for quiet time.
If you need to recharge, regroup, reassess.
It’s okay to let me know.
To be respectful and mindful to the feelings that come with being human.

Knowing what kind of action or non-action will sadden or frustrate one another.
Let us be soft. So that we get the most out of each other.

Teach each other it’s okay to be vulnerable to express our needs or desires; that we won’t run if we tell or get told.

It’s okay to request things. It’s okay to need things from me.
A certain way to love, to listen, to communicate.
It is okay.

NiarB is BraiN Backwards

You just spin your colours around. 
Fold the stars in. Crumple them up and throw them on a canvas.
Eat enough Skittles your mouth turns rainbow and the words you speak drip colour. 

Pour sand down tree trunks, tip the world upside down
and see it flutter the leaves to wild. 

Button up your zippers and tie down your leggings,
juice your smoothie with your coloured dripping words and hold your art to light the way. 

Believe in the letter U, but use less of the letter I. 

Back up your brain every now and then. 
It’s good for the soul. 


World Realm

Fuse the together strands with lava and march the sidekicks to their bed.
Brush all the kettling peppers with butterfly colours and step inside the largest wisdom kingdom you see.

Run for the great, walk for the mighty.
Don’t web your soul to the underground,but stay grounded.
Don’t buy none of the sales, but don’t sale yourself out.

Stay complete in a day and it’ll have you rocketing and boppiting for candid apples.
Stay humor on your shoulders and check the steps of sweetly bellied ants.
Their rhythm and their shine.

Be and do and wait and go.
Sleep and stand and hold and loosen.

Then let go.