Leap for It

A day like today, one that happens less then all the others.
You name a child LeapChild, and they end up crawling all their life.
You name your daughter BigHeart, and she has the darkest of them all.

When a day gets called something,
we are under obligations.
Christmas and Easter and Valentines Day. We’re supposed to be with our loved ones.Supposed to eat a lot of food, take pictures and smile a bit more and talk a bit more.

And Leapday?

It’s  a day that doesn’t happen as often as all the other ones and we are under even an obligation with it.
It’s one extra day of the year that other years we don’t have,  so we should probably do something in it extra special.Or extraordainry. Right?

Take a leap of faith and do something fully based on that.
That’s what I’m going to do tonight.



Names that Don’t Wear Flipflops

If someone was talking about you and your best friend to someone else, whose name would come first? Would it be Jack and Lisa? or Lisa and Jack?

When you hear your mom talking to Aunt Liz on the phone about how you and your boyfriend are going to Cuba next week, whose name comes first? Yours or his?

You see, there’s a pattern.

Often times it starts where most things…do.

The beginning.
Bert and Ernie were always Bert and Ernie, right? How often do you hear Ernie and Bert?

Take Will and Grace or Mary-Kate and Ashley. It’s rarely said the other way around.

And Calvin and Hobbes?
What about Chip and Dale or Bonnie and Clyde?

Why do you think this is?
What is the significance of these un-flip-floppy names?
Any ideas?