You Can Know You’re Tired When..

There are lots of ways one can know they’re tired.
Lots of ways someone can not feel tired, but by the things they do, can know they’re tired.
For instance.
I didn’t pull down my underwear to pee. Thankfully I realized this before I did.
I was trying to put milk into another bottle-from a milk box-through a straw. Once I realized that I was trying to use the slow and messy process of a straw, I got scissors and cut the box open. But Milk sloshed out onto my keyboard base.
Ohuurrggg! Rats as big as alley cats!!
I put the milk in the fridge and knocked something or other but closed the door because I was in a hurry to do something or other else.
When I opened the fridge five minutes later, a whole tray on the door came off and clattered to the ground. Butter, cheese and eggs.
Some were hard boiled, some were not. And I’m halfway inside my fridge reaching for the ones that rolled inside while goop is seeping out of the one in my hand and I’m trying to figure out which ones are hard boiled by smelling the ones that aren’t cracked?

You Know You’re Tired When…

I can tell I am out of it when I go to use my perfume bottle as deoderant. TWICE in one week. I can tell I am out of it when I eat two raw noodles before realizing that it is not the way they are supposed to be eaten. I realize that my brain is far from working when I pour my coffee grinds into the part where the water is supposed to go. I almost use sunscreen for my toothpaste and instead of putting my underware on frontwards or even ON, I use it as a cloth to wipe down the counters. ( What also, is that saying about my choice in underware pattern?!! )
And last but not least, I know I’m tired when I find myself staring at my feet and thinking that it is all I want to do!
True facts of the last week!

Oh dear.