Moving Forward

A friend and I were discussing people we still kept in touch with. How she left the Halloween party early because she didn’t talk to anyone there.  We talked about groups and selective friendshipping nowadays.

Heather: Who was in the well known group at school and talked to everyone, even outside of the group?

Me: um.. I donno.. No one that I can think of.

Heather: .. You Jen.. You..

It felt nice to hear, even if I didn’t think I was ever in ‘the group’.
But I knew where she was coming from. I am pretty friendly and non judgemental.

The last two times I have been back, 2011 and 2013, people that knew me in highschool, people i just knew through other people, messaged me.
People I had had very few interactions with.
They were people, both girl and guys, that I hadn’t much ever spoken to or hung out with during the time our lives were in the same line of occurrences.

I find it fascinating.
To know I was pretty shy and quiet back then and people liked me or wanted to hang out with me- but didn’t ever say it.
And I guess they ‘liked me’ in the way they liked what I looked like, what my life looked like and what or however they saw me when interacting with others.
You can only know so much about someone when you don’t talk to them.
I suppose I am being reminded of this each ‘old’ hangout..and that my confidence is boosted because of there divulgence.

I am pressing play to these new entries that have an old quality about them.
Overall, I am looking back to my past, in order to help me move forward.