I Leave

It’s fear and wonderful.
That WordPress and
what WordPress,
can make you feel.

I don’t want to leave it.
Yet I know I need to,
and that I will be glad I did
when I have.

I would like not to feel bad
and whelmed over
when I don’t make the time to read yours.
It makes me feel guilty for posting.
I love reading your minds.

I want the realness of me here, in pressing Words
to poke out through my freckles and smile,
my way of being
and I need to help that
by leaving and
focus on
being open and better
out there.

I don’t want to hide things.
I was telling you what
you didn’t even ask of
and that felt good.
Even now, explaining
when ‘poof’ I could go
and it would hardly make a difference.
Habitual openness, I want!

I’ve learned a lot here,
you guys are really smart
beautiful creatures.
I am proud and impressed
and I will miss.

The stories we all share and swallow
may never get digested
properly or even at all
They can get intertwined with anothers
and not be kept straight
and that’s okay.

There are thousands of us here.

I can say WordPress,
as a club, a unity,
you’ve really made me feel smarter
and better.

Now I get to press that into all corners of Lively Life,
spread it even on the crumbs!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



How many of us bloggers do this.

How many of us write positive, uplifting sentences. All collaberated and collected nicely in their flowery wavey style. Light, airy, pretty combination of motivation. 

How many of us write those nice things about life, we try and believe them, and even know them to be true..yet they hold an emptiness to us. 
Perhaps they help someone else, but to us,
they are just stone brick words of imobility.
That carry nothing but the weight of your lost direction and sadness.

As if writing them is supposed to help us get out of our mud.
Out of deep dark rut.
But that it rarely, if ever

I am one of those.

No matter how great I can be at moulding words to shape a positive sculpture of flowery wave.
I am one of those.