I Arrive Here

You do not complete me. 
I am a whole strong individual without you. If you die before me, I will still be here.

I am capable of making myself happy. I can make myself laugh, smile and cry.
I don’t need your love to feel full,
I have my own love
for me. 

And I love to dance with me.

You are not my life. I am my own.
I am beautiful standing alone. 

I do not need you in my life.

I want you.
I choose to want you.

I choose to put my time,energy and love towards you.
I am choosing to let your life be a part of mine.
I am choosing to spend my life with yours.  

I choose to love you
because now,
I am able. 

I am finally whole on my own.

Days With Baby

And oh how the corridors are brightly lit. Oh how my eyes carry 
weights and my arms carry child. The magical place this is, beaming with
hard work and the cartons of patience one must have. I’m in it. I am in these corridors for the long run, carrying as many cartons as I can, beaming through tired eyes and unwashed hair.