The Thawing Pieces of Your Life

There’s frozen gumps of plaster in all our lives. It’s just thawing out and every once in awhile we get the drips. We feel the melt.
These arrive in forms of Arguements, Sarcasim, Jokes, and Oblivion.

The people in our lives are affected and are often the ones producing the warmth that begin the melt. Others enter during the process and fuel it.

But there is always us involved. We are the table on which the gumps sit. We provide the platform and sometimes even the tools that make thawing possible.

We are not always going to be solid through and through. We all have our soft spots and weak joints and we are not always going to be good at hiding them.
Either way we are responsible to collect the drips and bring them to the involved individuals in order to make the transition of solid to liquid easier.

To prevent the mess.

All in all, talk about those melting pieces, and talk about the melted. Talk about the whole, talk about the existence of what is happening.
If we recognize what parts drip faster, perhaps we can determine the reason why.
If we can distinguish the reason, in the end the affect of the liquid won’t be something we drown in, but something we can swim through with ease.

Take your thawing to a new level.


Capturing The Uncapturable

Sometimes we are in stand stills. Dust seems to sprinkle on the  obvious pieces. It is a slowed blur our eyes pick up on and half the  time we don’t realize it until we are out of that still. Many things end up happening in those slower moments.Stuff we know is  happening, stuff we know that has happened. But we can feel so far  from grasping it all. From truly understanding and accepting the unravelled events. And there really is nothing we can do about that  because time is going to keep ticking and things are going to keep  happening. Whether we want then to or not.

Sometimes they are the biggest events of our life. Capturing then  seems next to impossible, reguardless of the net we’re using or the  speed in which we’re running. We can feel it to. Feel the fact that what we are experiencing is beyond what we can pick apart. The details are sworn in and we look at them like we look at baby  koalas in zoos.Unreachable yet with the knowledge  of how cuddly they are.  They make you feel.

And that’s probably the most of what makes up these intangible  occurances. How much they make us feel. Feelings are a lot more difficult to draw out than what we see or even  hear..

And so on we go with our life. Yet our head is turned, our eyes  searching for some kind of light. A way to put the experiences in a  folder, to get them stalked and sorted so we are able to pull them out  years down the line and have those memories in good condition. Because in the end, those memories are what makes up life. When we  read about our Christmas four years ago or of the time we got our dog, we can almost feel what  we did during those actual moments.

To capture the happenings once they have happened. To write them out, to draw, to take photos. Anything to keep those memories alive, to keep those feelings they produced, remembered. Parts of life that are so valuable. And by keeping them close to our heart, our life may feel alittle more fufilled. The journey in getting to where we are today won’t be as hazy and unknown. We’ll have the pieces, our past that we can use to understand ourselves better.

Capture what you can in a manner best suitable to who you are and what you enjoy.