Living on a Lifeboat

When we open up, we let Life in.
In a boat, with buffalo and goat.
It’s just a matter of ya ya yes. And the,
the more you understand
the open, the more you recognize it.
The more you seek for it, the more wide your world becomes.
Life boat becomes
less tippable,
for all waters
and with goose and giraffe.

It’s Not all Art

Everything isn’t art to me. It might be art to somebody else. And I respect that.
I look at a pile of rocks and I see a pile of rocks.
I haven’t trained my eye to see beauty in stuff like that.
When I see laundry on the line and it is blowing in the wind,
when I see a moose in the clouds or the shape of a truck my son has drawn,
it makes my heart twinkle
and I consider that feeling, art.
If something can give me feelings other than what I was feeling, it’s art.
I feel, more so than I see, art
and that’s why everything I see, is not art.

The Wait

You are calling the world on all sites
Braving the best with your tinted lights
Begging you I am
for you to see,
It’s not you
it’s you and me. 

You are treading water with your heavy hooves
Worrying of
non existent moves

Pleading you I am,
for you to do
to stop, to stay
 be with me and you. 

For I and you to take the stage
to write our past
out in rage
shut the door and throw that world,
down the gullet of a fire pearl.

I am waiting in action,
oh me; oh my!
I’m waiting for you

for you and I.


Dab my Wet Mouth,Wet

Your antelope ears and wrinkled persona!
Your grand entrance and bifocal’d leisure!
The habits of your style
are the blessing at the table.
Your hands of porcelin,
the super age of the sensory.

I am the kingdom blind
the sensible and perverse
the one who takes all the willows
willingly down to the shelter
for shelter
those bursts after bursts of experience.
I learn well.
And so should you.




There’s a cradle filled with hope,
and a dirty that holds soap.
There’s a window full of moon
and a sun
in ready-bloom. 

I’ll scrub the windows clean
and I’ll take one for the team.
I’ll make the bed; for what it’s worth
I’ll do my best,
not better
nor the worst. 

Hold me up to shining light
see through me and find no fight.
Shut the blinds and search my room
find nothing but
a sun in ready-bloom.