Respond Differently

The next time someone asks you how you’re doing in a text or email or facebook message. Try not just putting the generic, ‘ good, been better, I’m doing great!’ .

When I get asked that, I usually respond with a few specifics-personalized and most often,colourful- that allows the other person a peek inside my current life.
It is always welcome.
It is a simple and an easy enough question to ask. The ‘How are you doin?’ takes no mental capacity,a matter of a few seconds and little effort. It is more of a courtesy, a kindness, a form of ‘ yo,what’s up’ that comes naturally and without much thought.

I’m not trying to change the world with my in-depth replies…nor the motion of what is being asked. My replies don’t even give off a direct appreciation for it;for I do value the question. Not because it’s about my well-being, but because it is one of the hundreds of doors that open, allowing me to be creative. To put MY mind at work. To form giddy sentences, twist words and play with ideas.
And I will use any door in my life, for this purpose alone.

Being creative is something you shouldn’t have always have to strive for. It’s more about using opportunities.  Opportunities that come in forms of natural, everyday questions like, ‘ Hey,How ya doing?’.

Names that Don’t Wear Flipflops

If someone was talking about you and your best friend to someone else, whose name would come first? Would it be Jack and Lisa? or Lisa and Jack?

When you hear your mom talking to Aunt Liz on the phone about how you and your boyfriend are going to Cuba next week, whose name comes first? Yours or his?

You see, there’s a pattern.

Often times it starts where most things…do.

The beginning.
Bert and Ernie were always Bert and Ernie, right? How often do you hear Ernie and Bert?

Take Will and Grace or Mary-Kate and Ashley. It’s rarely said the other way around.

And Calvin and Hobbes?
What about Chip and Dale or Bonnie and Clyde?

Why do you think this is?
What is the significance of these un-flip-floppy names?
Any ideas?